Easter: The Angel Rolled the Stone Away

Read Luke 24:1-8.

Key Verse: He is not here; he has risen! Luke 24:6a, NIV.

This song tells the story of what happened on Easter morning while also giving voice to the joy the disciples must have felt when they heard the news: He is risen!

First, take a listen to choral arrangement from CantateDeo.org.

And, don’t miss this arrangement by the Hawthorn Choir.

Chorus: Oh, the angels rolled the stone away,
‘Twas on that Easter Sunday morning
That the angels rolled the stone away.

Sister Mary she came running just about the break of day.
She was bringing news from heaven
That the angels rolled the stone away.
Great God, Almighty! Chorus.

Said the angel He is not here; He is risen as he said,
Why seek ye the living way down here among the dead.
Great God, Almighty! Chorus.

Jesus said, “Touch Me not Mary, but go on ahead of me.
Go and tell all my disciples to meet me in Galilee.”
Great God, Almighty! Chorus.

Brother Thomas he came running,
And his eyes were open wide.
Jesus said, “Man, if you doubt me,
Come put your hand right in my side.”
Great God, Almighty! Chorus.

Lyrics Source here.

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One Response to Easter: The Angel Rolled the Stone Away

  1. What a wonderful collection of music videos, Emily. Best part of all, I could almost hear my Dad’s rich tenor voice harmonizing with them! Brought back sweet memories. Thanks for letting us know we should listen.


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